Passport Photo Service – Costa Del Sol, Spain

Passport UK Visa  uk passport and driving licence

Our passports /ID Cards / Green Card / Driving licence photos stay with us which is why we feel you should be proud of it! and many of us hate our picture on our current passport. Passport photos stay on passports or on visas for up to 10 years so why not put the best of your face on your passport?

We give you the chance to review your passport photo to make sure you are happy with it before it is printed. If you’re not happy, we’ll take another one for you.

I digitally enhance your picture so you look your best. We can also remove dark circles, spots, enhance eyes etc


  • Professional photoshoot: 30-40 minutes from shoot to printed photos
  • Set of 12 passport photos ( all of the same chosen image ) on 1x A4 photographic sheet per person
  •  5 – 10 photos taken on a light grey studio background
  • In-between viewings until you find the photo you are happy with
  • While you wait: 25 – 30 minutes service
  • Optional light digital retouching & airbrushing where necessary 
  • Personalised service

Passport photo’s supplied are to the UK or Ireland Passport standards. For the Government official standards of the United Kingdom Passport Service specifications click HERE.

We can also take passport photos for ANY country including US, India, Australia and all of Europe. If you need a visa photo, photo for a green card and ID photo using different colour background for international travel, we can provide all of them while you wait.

Our passport and ID photos can also be used for driving licences, identity cards,  and student cards etc.

If you have different passport photo specifications I can work to those standards too as long as I know the specifications in advance.

Price: €30 (Digital) or €40 (Digital + Contact sheet Prints) per person/baby – €20/€30 (with Prints) per person there after in the same session.

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