There are two types of portrait sessions that we create. The ‘studio’ shot is often on what is refered to as seamless backgrounds; solid colours… Popular if you want nothing to detract from the ‘sitter’ (you). They can be as diverse as ‘environmental’ photos and the light can be crafted to just about any look you want. Bright and rich colours or dark and moody dramatic shots.

Next is the ‘environmental’ or ´location´ portrait that places the sitter in their surroundings. Examples can be seen in the gallery. These can be so diverse that you may find that there are hundreds of variations in a single session, taken in any location in Andaluca (Costa Del Sol) and Marbella area or the rest of the world and in any environment. (This may incur some travel costs depend on the eexact location)

For our simple Passport / ID Card style portrait photos
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